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Q: How do I use Summit Suds to wash my hands?

A: Wet your hand and apply a small amount to your hand, rub your hands together then rinse.


Q: How much soap do I use to wash my hands?

A: About a dime sized amount.


Q: How long will a 3oz pouch of Summit Suds last?

A: About 350-400 hand washes.


Q: How is your day going?

A: Pretty good. Thanks for asking.


Q: Should I take the kraft paper pouch with me on my backpacking trip?

A: No. The kraft paper pouch isn't strong enough to go with you on your rugged journey. We recommend filling up small plastic dispenser with a flip top lid.


Q: What's the best way to fill up a plastic dispenser from the pouch?

A: Create a funnel with a sheet of paper by rolling it up and having one end larger than the other. Use a piece of tape to keep it from unrolling.


Q: How do you pronounce pika?

A: 🥧-kuh (American pronunciation).