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Once you’re in the back country, you can begin using the Backwoods Bidet for a lightweight solution to keeping clean. Be at least 200 feet away from a trail, campsite or water source. Then dig a hole about 6 inches deep. Make sure to spray your backside first with a few squirts from your Backwoods Bidet. This helps keeps things from sticking and makes it easier to clean afterwards. Then when all finished spray again to clean up. Sometimes there may be a need to wipe a little with a small amount of toilet paper but the toilet paper will be less messy to pack out. Make sure to put it in a zip lock bag. Cover up the hole with the dirt that you removed and finally cover the dirt with leaves, twigs or whatever will make it look like no one was there. Then wash your hands with hand sanitizer or Summit Suds™ Outdoor Soap. Best tip: Spray first and last! Enjoy your refreshingly clean feeling!

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