Reusable Floss Pick - FREE - Pika Outdoors
Reusable Floss Pick - FREE - Pika Outdoors

Reusable Floss Pick - FREE

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This is a FREE download for 3D printing! Download the .stl file for free by adding it to your cart and continue to checkout. You will receive an email with a link to download the .stl file.

Don't have a 3D printer? No problem. We got you covered. We will send you one for FREE when you buy a 3oz pouch of Summit Suds. Just add it to your cart along with Summit Suds and checkout. (Color may vary.)


Just because you are out in nature for days on end with the wild animals doesn't mean you have to live like one. You don't have to throw hygiene out the window because it's not "ultralight". Most of carry floss with us backpacking because of it's multipurpose capabilities, but how many of us use it for what it's actually for? - to floss your teeth! This Reusable Floss Pick allows you to floss your teeth while using less floss than the old fashion way (use as little as 5"!). Weighing in at less than 1 gram, it's definitely an ultralight option.


  • Weight: .03oz (.8g)
  • Dimensions: .85"x1.34"x.1"

3D Printing Info

  • Filament type: PLA 
  • Filament cost: ~ $0.03
  • Filament usage: .8g
  • Print time: ~ 8 minutes

3D Printing Instructions

  • Print flat on build plate
  • Print with 100% infill
  • Print with no supports
  • Other materials may be used but PLA is preferred.